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PS Tunnel is an app for Shopify & Photoshop which enables you to edit images from your product catalog in Photoshop without the hassle. With one click, the selected image will open up in Photoshop. Once you are happy with your changes, hit save and PS Tunnel will replace the old image with the new one!

The website


Back in High School, some of my friends used to run Shopify stores. One of them complained about how painful it was to edit a large number of images from your store.


Before PS Tunnel

  • You had to find the image in your store
  • Click on it & download it
  • Open it in Photoshop
  • Make your changes
  • Save the new image
  • Remove the old image
  • Update the new image
  • Done

With PS Tunnel

  • Press the Send to Photoshop utton
  • Make your changes
  • Save the image
  • Done

That's a considerable amount of work for a straightforward task. And that's exactly the reason why I built PS Tunnel.

The PS Tunnel promotion video. Made by the awesome Leo Mühlfeld.

The back-end was built with Koa and GraphQL. The Photoshop extension is powered by React and urql.

The Photoshop Extension for PS Tunnel
The Photoshop Extension for PS Tunnel

The service has been in production since January 2017, and has paying customers ever since. I have received a lot of positive feedback and ideas during this time, which is why I'm currently working on the next generation of PS Tunnel.

The Brand

Vanilla Supply is the company I created to publish PS Tunnel. I have plans to extend the scope to even more e-commerce apps and services.

The logo for Vanilla Supply
The logo for Vanilla Supply

One of my goals is to make the Vanilla Supply website much more advance, to keep all my customer up-to-date. Currently, email is my only communication channel, which isn't best for this use-case. A blog with updates now and then would be a much better fit.

Timo Lins
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