Reproducing your preferred panel arrangement inside your terminal can be time-consuming. Not only that – it's repetitive work, the archenemy of every programmer.

notion image
notion image

Introducing hyperlayout, a configurable & command-triggered layout tool for Hyper™. It works globally or on a per-project basis.

Example of using hyperlayout
Example of using hyperlayout


While developing owe.zone I found it bothersome to start working on it because I had to:

  • Start the MongoDB instance
  • Start gulp to watch & compile
  • Start the API itself
  • Start the Next.js front-end
  • Leave two panels empty to run commands in – all in the right directory

I was using Hyper, which is known to be extensible to the core – so I why not build a plugin which does all the work for me.

The task turned out harder than expected. The main hurdle was the algorithm, which converts the config file into a queue of commands so Hyper can execute them and yield the correct layout.

It took three days and a lot of coffee to get the first version released. Since then hundreds of developers have downloaded hyperlayout.


Then I discovered docker-compose

I got quite comfortable with using Docker and docker-compose. It made me realize that most of the things I listed above are solved by using it. Since then I haven't touched hyperlayout a lot – that's the sad reason why I longer maintain it.

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