Your colleges and you want to get something to eat, but you can't decide on where to go? Why not fire up @CoinBot inside your Telegram chat and let it decide.


CoinBot is an open-source bot for the Telegram Messenger which helps you (or a group) make random decisions. It supports multiple modes, like rolling dice, flipping a coin or choosing a random item from a list.

Screenshot of the CoinBot website
Screenshot of the CoinBot website


The idea was born from the exact scenario described at the beginning. Since the concept itself was simple, I hopped right into my editor and built a working version of the bot within a few minutes. At this point I thought it would make a cool open-source project, so why not extend it with a few more features.


There isn't much else to the project than generating random values in a few different ways, so I thought to myself: Why not use this chance to focus on code qualitystructure and modularity. And so I did – because who knows if I ever will work on such a simple but useful project again.


All commands are modular and use the same definition scheme. This structure makes it possible to add new commands by adding a single file – they will work in inline & chat mode, and even the website updates according to the same files.


I used Telegraf for the bot itself and Next.js for the website. Both were a pleasure to work with.

Timo Lins
Developer + Designer from 🇦🇹

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